Quick Start

This chapter demonstrates how to use Pravega Rust client to communicate to a standalone Pravega server.

Running a standalone Pravega server

Navigate to the Pravega Release page and download a Pravega release. Note that ByteStreamClient requires Pravega 0.9.0+.

For example in a Linux environment, after downloading and decompressing pravega-0.9.0.tgz, we can start a minimal Pravega server by calling


It spins up a Pravega standalone server that listens to localhost:9090 by default.

Build a simple application


Make sure you have Rust installed first, check out the official website of how to install Rust.

Creating a new project

Create a new Rust project called my_app

cargo new my_app --bin

in the Cargo.toml file, add the following as dependencies

pravega-client = "0.1"
pravega-client-config = "0.1"
pravega-client-shared = "0.1"
tokio = "1"

A simple app that writes and reads events

Check out the event write and read example.