Pravega Rust Client and Pravega language bindings user guide.

Welcome to the Pravega Rust client and Pravega language bindings user guide! This book is a companion to Pravega Rust Client and the supported language bindings over the Pravega Rust Client.

This book contains examples and documentation to explain all of Pravega Rust client's use cases in detail.

Please choose from the chapters on the left to jump to individual topics, or continue below to start with Pravega Rust Clients's README.

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Rust client for Pravega

This is a native Rust client for Pravega.

Note: Pravega 0.9.0+ is required.


Up to date status can be seen on the wiki.


The goal is to allow for clients to be written in Rust, as well as provide a common implementation for clients in higher level languages including nodejs.

See the wiki for the status of each language.


The approach is to write a common native implementation of the internals of the client in Rust. Then use a C ABI to provide an interface for other languages to link against.

Finally for each supported language the low level API is translated into a high level API that is idiomatic for the language.


Check out the Pravega Rust client book for more details.


Pravega Rust client, all the source code, is released under the Apache License v2.0.